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Freelance CRA


ClinTrial believes there are compelling reasons for working with qualified and well-equipped freelance CRAs in clinical trials. ClinTrial can provide freelance CRA services for CROs and pharmaceutical companies.


Advantages of working with Freelance CRAs

  • Flexibility of freelance contracts
  • Extensive experience in clinical research
  • Easy takeover of existing projects with minimum transition time
  • Field based freelance CRAs save travel time and costs when managing distant sites while still assuring the trial is in skilled and experienced hands
  • Savings on personnel costs:
    • Health insurance and pension contributions, sick pay
    • Company car, mobile phone, laptop computer
  • Additional savings when based out of house:
    • Office costs – rental, heating, lighting, furniture, cleaning, maintenance
    • Office equipment – computers, copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, etc.
    • Consumables – pens, printer cartridges, stationery, etc.
    • Office support services – e-mail, internet subscriptions, website, telephone line