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Why ClinTrial

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The ClinTrial philosophy is about assuring the Sponsor that the trial is surrounded by the highest possible levels of safety at all times.

For the benefit of your trial, ClinTrial will:

  • handle and safeguard trial documents in a fully GCP compliant manner in office premises equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, alarm system, and access control;
  • be at your service with qualified CRAs and study coordinators – your trial will be in experienced hands;
  • reduce your costs: you will not need to invest in company cars, mobile phones, computers, pay social, medical contributions and sick benefit, or keep spending on office maintenance and supplies;
  • offer locally available phase I-IV trial facilities in our sister company's SMO rooms.


In addition, our Sponsors will enjoy the benefits of partnership with a dedicated, well trained, trustworthy contractor throughout the trial.

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